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About Us

Teachpoint - The online learning innovation

Teachpoint is the innovation that allows online learning fully integrated into your browser. Since March 2013, Teachpoint allows live interaction between student and tutors, comfortably and efficiently form home. Teachpoint is an online marketplace that allows tutors to profit from feedback and ratings, while students can always choose the tutor that fits best.

Teachpoint is unique in being the first provider of an online solution for live learning and tutoring in Switzerland. 


Simon Baumann

Simon Baumann - Co-CEO

"Towards the end of my primary school education my teacher informed my parents and myself that in his opinion I should only advance to secondary education level B (which, in Switzerland, is the second lowest secondary education level available). But luckily, my parents recognized my potential and supported me with private tutoring classes, thanks to which I was able to eventually attend academic high school (the highest secondary educational level in Switzerland) and earn my higher education entrance qualification. I subsequently began to study mechanical engineering at Zurich's Federal Vocational College of Technology (ETH) and successfully graduated with a bachelor degree. My own story serves to illustrate that  students can tap their full potential through private tutoring. Without my own private tutoring classes my life surely would look completely different today, as I would have had a much lower chance at enjoying an education that suited my true abilities, and which today satisfies me on a personal level. My own story also motivates me to nowadays help other children and teenagers get their additional chance for a better education, because after all, their future is at stake."

TeachPoint was developed by Simon Baumann while he was still studying at ETH Zurich, during which time he not only moonlighted as a private tutor, but as part of his bachelor thesis also conceived a series of tutoring videos for ETH students. Simon is convinced that every child has the right to tap their potential to the fullest.

Kirill Zhirnov     Kirill Zhirnov - CTO

Kirill signs responsible for TeachPoint's technical aspects, since he has many years of professional experience as a web developer. Kirill supervised and executed many web application projects for us. When he's not too occupied with further improving TeachPoint, he likes to snowboard or tend to his other passion, martial arts.



Kirill Zhirnov     Daniel Walter - Co-CEO

After two years in management consulting at the Boston Consulting Group, Daniel joined Teachpoint in January 2014.

Daniel was a tutor during his studies in International Affairs (B.A.) and Economics (M.A.), where he was also in charge of teaching seminars.

He believes that it is time for students to have access to all the potential that modern technology offers.





Professor Dr. Norbert Hungerbühler

Professor Dr. Norbert Hungerbühler

Norbert Hungerbühler currently is a mathematics professor at ETH Zurich. He supports TeachPoint as an expert on education issues. Hungerbühler earned both his master’s degree and PhD at ETH Zurich, and due to his involvement with various mathematics commissions is a strong supporter of Switzerland as an educational hub in Europe. Norbert Hungerbühler is married and has two children.

Marco Demont

Marco Demont

Boasting many years of experience in heading various Internet-based companies, Marco Demont supports TeachPoint as a business advisor. He currently is co-owner and managing director of ipmedia AG, a leading Swiss provider of web TV and streaming video solutions. After graduating as a sports and PE instructor from ETH Zurich, he subsequently took up business studies at Zurich University, graduating successfully. In 2005 Marco Demont founded his first e-commerce company, The House of Tailors, which still exists today and is regarded as a leading Swiss online supplier of custom-tailored shirts.