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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does TeachPoint.com work?

On TeachPoint you can receive private tuition directly over the Internet. Simply select a suitable tutor and book your private lessons directly with them. Each lesson takes place on TeachPoint in one of our online class rooms. In case you’re not satisfied with the tutor, you’re not obliged to pay for the received lesson. Therefore, it’s all risk-free.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to post an advertisement free of charge, so interested tutors can get in touch with you on their own. You can then select the tutor that suits you best.

The private lessons, however, always are administered on the Internet.

In which subjects can I receive private lessons?

You can receive private tuition in mathematics, physics, natural sciences, but also in various languages.

How can I find a suitable private tutor?

You can either source one by using our search tool or you place an advertisement containing a clear description of your private tuition needs.

When can I take private lessons?

TeachPoint leaves you complete freedom of when you want to receive a private lesson, and even if it’s in the late evening. The only precondition is that both you and your private tutor must be available at the same time.

Can I always stick to the same private tutor?

If you’re satisfied with your current private tutor, you can continue taking your lessons with them.

What if I am not satisfied with my current private tutor?

If you’re not satisfied with either a lesson or the current private tutor, you’re not required to pay for the respective lesson. It’s therefore all risk-free, as your private tutor is obligated to deliver a quality lesson.

How can I contact customer support?

You always can reach TeachPoint here, and regardless whether this is for the purpose of reporting potential flaws or shortcomings, to have questions answered, or to simply notify us about anything you have in mind.

Will my computer support your online private tutoring (i.e. what are the system requirements)?

More important than your computer specifications will be the speed of your Internet connection. Since private lessons are administered directly over the Internet, it is a great advantage to have access to a fast connection. But in this respect, the current standard speed provided by Swisscom and Cablecom are more than sufficient.