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Do you want to finally show what you are capable of and earn good grades at school? Did you get stuck on these tricky maths excercises, or did you have trouble with your essays? Are you learning a new language? If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, Teachpoint is the right place for you. Here you find quality tutoring directly over the internet - Inexpensive, easy to use, felxible and without any delays.

Teachpoint makes learing easy

Choose the most suitable tutor according to rating, qualification and price

Find a tutor to support you even today - classes can take place within the hour

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All tutors are rated by the student at the end of the lesson. You can also find information about qualification and price on the tutors' profiles.This way you can always select the most suitable tutor.


Always available

On Teachpoint you can find a tutor within a very short space of time. If you have an exam tomorrow, but don't feel ready for it, you are certain to find a tutor on Teachpoint even today.


No risk

Registration is free of charge. Each lesson is only paid after it has taken place and only if it was successful. This is why you run no risk of paying for an unsatisfying lesson.


Individual learning

Tutors teach students individually. This way, tutors can focus on your specific situation, look for and find solutions that fit for you.


No more commuting

Enjoy tutoring comfortably from home, via our Online classroom. You can stop loosing time commuting, all the while profiting of our learning tools and sharing options.


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